Sunday, 15 January 2017


On Tuesday 3rd January I posted eight Rhyl questions to get your brainbox working after the Christmas/New Year break.

Question 1 was about a photo of the trough/fountain on the promenade. The question: What is hidden behind the red dots?
The answer: 1963.
Here is the photo without dots. The inscription in full reads: "Presented by Mrs William Jenkins Birmingham 1963."

Question 2 was based on a 1950 photo of Rhyl councillors and staff.
The question: What is the occasion?
The answer:Routine visit to/inspection of Rhyl Waterworks.
Many familiar faces here. Easily discernible sitting in front row, 2nd from left with hat on knees, is Coun P.T. Trehearn. In the first row of standing figures, 3rd from right is Coun Glyn Vaughan.

P.T. Trehearn

Question 3 concerned a recent shot showing part of a block of flats.
The question: What is the English name of the building?
The answer: New Horizon.
The block is usually known by its Welsh name Gorwel Newydd; it is on corner of West Parade and Butterton Road.

Question 4. In this image of a religious gathering, what was the nearest theatre?

The answer: Rhyl Pavilion.
The clue in the far background is the white statue of an unknown soldier in Boer War campaign dress, facing the sea.

In its two subsequent positions along the prom the statue has faced the opposite way. Incidentally, the designer/sculptor was Herbert Chatham who created the Boer War figure that stands in the shopping centre at Winsford, Cheshire.

Question 5. Here is a flyer for Celebrity's night club. In what hotel was Celebrity's?

Marina Hotel

The answer: Marina Hotel
I have a note saying that the hotel was closed following a police raid in 2012. Not long afterwards the hotel was converted to flats (Marina Apartments).

Question 6. Below: pomp and ceremony draws a crowd. Where were they standing?

The answer: Rhyl Railway Station.
The event is  visit by The Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1850–1942), third son of Queen Victoria.
At first glance I thought that would be the far left of the station building but a photo I took a few days ago says no - it doesn't match:

Maybe the far left part is an extension built later on, or perhaps the old photo was taken inside the station (crowd being on opposite platform). Hmmmm.

Question 7. This building's name is hidden by a cluster of black dots. What is it?
The answer: Rhyl Bowling Club.
The building is in Seabank Road. Here is the picture without dots:

Seabank Road

Question 8. The following roofs (rooves if you like) are where?

The answer: Marine Holiday Park aka Marine Caravan Park,
The business is located in Cefndy Road opposite Rhyl College and is owned by Hoseasons.

So, how many did you get right out of eight?
Six or more = splendid.
Four or five = OK.
Less than four = Go and stand in the corner!

These Celebrity's disc jockeys are added here for indexing purposes:
DJ Welly, Pleasuredome Farnworth / DJ Stubby, Mix Factory / Sequins, Blackpool / Banshee, Manchester / M.C. Sack, Legendary 2ForJoy Revenge / DJ Rodge The Dodge & Co, London.

FRI 3rd FEB 2017 UPDATE: While we are out clubbing, here is a 1996 flyer from the Downtown in West Parade (near Ocean Beach Fun Fair).
Click on it to see small print.

Front of flyer:
Steam 2 rave tour
Back of flyer:
Downtown Club residents:
DJ 3.D.O.M, DJ Dolphin, DJ/M.C. Eazy, M.C. Delicious, M.C. Eternal.
DJ Scorpio, DJ Producer, DJ HMS, DJ Loftgroover, DJ Brisk,
M.C. Squidgy B.
Visitors and others:
DJ Nicky B, DJ FDA, DJ Destroyer, DJ Vortex.
DJ Clarkee, DJ Mastervibe, DJ Menace, DJ Psycho 9.
DJ Jay Prescott, DJ Smarti, DJ Sass, DJ Frantic, DJ Macca, DJ Tox.
DJ Mark E.G., DJ Aggressor.
DJ Freak, DJ Jack Hammer, DJ A/Trax.

SAT 18th NOV 2017 UPDATE: Here is another club flyer. This one is from 1992 – 

References on the flyer:
Clash Promotions, Rhyl Fridays, DJ Symon M, DJ Rob Tissara, PSI Division, DJ Sami B, Sunset Radio 102 FM, DJ Nipper, DJ Slipmatt, DJ Stu Allen, DJ Dave Angel, DJ Kenny Ken, DJ Mike E-Bloc.

The location is not specified exactly but the following clues are in the text "OPEN AIR CHILL OUT DANCE BALCONY OVERLOOKING THE SEA" and "Next door to the fun fair on the seafront" and therefore the finger of suspicion points to the Downtown Club again.

The telephone number has an error. That should be 01745 351 861. Was that the Downtown's number?

Colin Jones /