Saturday, 17 February 2018


Most of my favourite old Rhyl images are already on Rhyl Life except the following which have been lying around waiting for a context. 
Before the blog closes to new posts, I present these images for no better reason than
I would hate to see them left out.

In this blog there have been already a couple of references to Professor Miller / Millar who operated Rhyl's first Punch and Judy booth on the prom opposite Queens Hotel. Here is the good professor up a ladder with a ventriloquist's doll:

Queen's Palace

The Queen's Palace dome dates the image as 1902-1907. A point of interest far left is a sign for 'Queens Mews' 
– haven't noticed that before.

From a 2018 Internet auction: a rare and unaffordable postcard of putting greens at Botanical Gardens, undated, certainly before WW2 -

putting greens

The family snaps below are from a 1930s album belonging to George Robert Eden of Birmingham. Our 'continental' basket chairs, the pier, deckchairs - and a sand castle - made very good props.

Around 1960 at Ocean Beach Fun Fair there were two Big Wheels as shown below. This image is artificially coloured; the shed-like building shown with dark green  roof is the Playland arcade/cafe, and next door with brown roof is Ritz Ballroom:

Eli ferris wheel

I think the Big Wheel nearest to camera arrived first and departed first; it was a 'ferris wheel' made by Eli Bridge Company of USA and operated by Billy Williams. The wheel further away looks smaller but was in fact bigger and was owned by Rhyl Amusements Ltd.

Here is a picture of the promenade paddling pool which had been built in 1920s as the Children's Lake for nippers to splash around in, sail toy boats and get cramp if the weather wasn't warm enough.

Some years ago in newspaper archives I found a reader's letter scorning "that montrosity they are building on the prom". The year was 1908 and he was referring to Rhyl Pavilion as shown above.

[I wouldn't go along with term "monstrosity" but it has to be said that the Pavilion was highly photogenic and looked better in postcard images than in reality.]

The summer show being advertised is 'A Night At The Varieties'. That happened to be the Pavilion's final show and therefore the date is 1972. The building was demolished in 1974.


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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Card postmarked 1928

Here are some Valentine's Day gifts I bet you never thought of:

FOR HIM, a Rhyl-crested china miniature shaving mug -

FOR HER, a souvenir floral-bordered handkerchief from Rhyl -

In these Unisex days perhaps we could safely swap those two gifts round. No, only joking!


As for Yours Truly, I could fall for a woman who gave me presents like this big metal sign from the Jetstream ride at Ocean Beach Fun Fair -

What a collector's item.


Friday, 9 February 2018


As you cross the Foryd Bridge and land in Kinmel Bay you are flanked by hostelries. On your left used to be Clwyd Private Hotel and Clwyd Cafe:

Now in the same building are The Harbour pub and Hungry Horse restaurant:

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

On the opposite side of the road used to be The Ferry Hotel. At the time shown below Mr. & Mrs. Marsh were in charge.

Now in the same building is The Mayquay pub/restaurant:

  • The 2016 message from the UK's chief medical officers still applies. Research shows any amount of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. There is no such thing as a safe level of drinking the stuff.

The colour pix were taken a few days ago by Yours Truly.


Below is a 1920s snapshot taken on Rhyl promenade, opposite West Parade. The first turning on your right is Queen Street.

Mary Hughes Birmingham

In shot is Mary Hughes of Birmingham with her brother and possibly her mother. There must be thousands of family snaps like this lying forgotten in attics and sideboards . . .

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Saturday, 3 February 2018


glass negative
Bathing machines at Rhyl - glass negative circa 1910

glass negative
Rowing boats at Rhyl - glass negative circa 1910

During December 2017 no old posts were updated.

During January 2018 the following posts were updated:

Burton / Dorothy Perkins (2 updates) -

Derbyshire Miners' Holiday Centre -

Greaves Records -

Pennaf / Clwyd Alyn -

Pier Amphitheatre aka Gaiety Theatre -

Queen's Palace -

Rhyl & District Motor Club -

Royal Lido, Prestatyn -

Skating rink, promenade and West Parade -

Swan Inn -

William Roberts (Rhyl) Limited -

Card postmarked 1924

detail of above



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Monday, 29 January 2018


Unaccustomed as I am to walking Rhyl seafront in January, curiosity about new works sent me up there today.

The weather was not warm, dear readers but, as is often the case in Rhyl, the general aspect was bright and cheerful. The photos in this post were taken by Yours Truly.

On the promenade, to your left of Pavilion Theatre there are extensive works all the way along to Garden of Remembrance. These should include a Travelodge hotel amongst other things:

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

The Village

Above: In Children's Village, aka The Village, the unit once operated by Noah Robinson as Cap'n Noah's indoor playground is being demolished. Nearby at the Tourist Information Centre business is as usual.

Below: Just to your left of the Skytower the forthcoming Waterpark is being constructed:

Opposite the Skytower the Premier Inn hotel/restaurant/pub is nearing completion:

The scene from Water Street:

Rhyl began as a resort with residential areas and became a residential town with a resort area. In the process it lost its sense of direction.

In 2018 though, we see evidence that Rhyl has clawed its way back on course and is gathering strength again.


Saturday, 27 January 2018


Although television executives seem to believe we are all royalists, they can include me out. The bestowing of massive privileges on one particular family for hereditary reasons seems to me an outdated and offensive idea.

Nevertheless I have a soft spot for Alexandra of Denmark (shown below) patron of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Rhyl. We had Alexandra Hotel and still have Alexandra Bridge i.e. the Vale Road Bridge.

She was Princess of Wales and wife of Edward, Prince of Wales, who became King Edward V11. Alexandra visited Rhyl in 1894 for laying the foundation stone of the hospital, and in 1902 to open the hospital. On the second occasion her husband was with her in his coronation year.

A later Prince of Wales was to become King Edward V111 for less than 12 months. He abdicated (gave up the throne) in order to marry his lover, a divorced American woman. I always admired this Edward for flying in the face of convention.

Here he is, in his days as Prince of Wales, opening the War Memorial Hospital, Grange Road, Rhyl (now Hafan Deg Day Centre and War Memorial Court):

Edward V111, Duke of Windsor

This was taken on the same occasion:

Edward V111, Duke of Windsor

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

[Strangely, considering how brief his rule, we have a miniature train at Marine Lake named Edward V111.]

All very well, but the only king that really interests me is The Wire King who used to bend wire into novelties at a booth on the prom in Rhyl, and of course our May Queens & Rose Queens and – who said Johnny Dallas! Go and stand in the corner!

The following references are added here for indexing purposes:
Duke of Windsor, Buckley Jones, Hughes Jones, G.J. Evans.



Mike Theaker

Film maker Mike Theaker has dug into his archives and come up with footage of Rhyl fairground in 1959. At that time we had the old fun fair at Marine Lake and a newer one at Ocean Beach.

The shots are brief, the video’s total running time is less than 3-and-a-half minutes, but the material has not been viewed publicly before. Click on the link below to see on my YouTube channel.

Thanks, Mike!

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Saturday, 20 January 2018


This week the above items landed here at Jones Towers  a pair of group photos taken probably in 1950s on the steps of Plastirion Hotel (now East Parade Apartments, 46-48 East Parade, Rhyl).

The items arrived without accompanying information. Below are the group photos in close up.



Click on any image to see a bigger version.

I wonder who the children were and why they were at the Plastirion. Were they locals or visitors? Were they on school outings without uniforms?
Were they something to do with the Alex Hospital nearby?

Absence of flags indicates that they were probably not something to do with Festival of Britain 1951 or Coronation 1953. On the other hand they may be.

Can anybody throw some light on this matter?

Colin Jones /


SUN 4th FEB 2018 UPDATE: Readers report a number of group photos in circulation with artwork similar to those above.
Some are marked Coronation Year 1953. One such, relating to 'Brynteg', Edward Henry Street, appeared on this blog in September 2010: